Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something on politics ....

Just some thoughts about what's happening in Malaysia's politics nowadays. Politicians jumping parties here and there like frogs.

For me if you want to change party its not entirely up the the elected YB but the voter themselves. The YB do not have any rights to jump here and there. People voted for him and the people should decide if they want to change from one government to another.

Look what happen in Perak... its a mess ... now the new MB is suspended from the DUN for 1 1/2 years ... I think do another round of Perak DUN election ... then see what the people wants ... BN or PR ... fair and square.

Then there's this Bukit Lanjan case ... for me its just someone wants to make some money ... plus someone else is taking advantage of the situation ... politic sucks!!!

Well just my 2 cents of opinion on Malaysia's politics ... hopefully one great leader will amerge and lead us all to glory ...

Errr one more thing ... GO TO HELL ISRAEL !!!! >)

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